BioView  v.1.1.18

bioView was designed to be an open source and cross-platform application intended for biologists to visualize EM, Confocal, etc.

Visual3D  v.1.2 Build 12

Generate a 3D visualization of confocal and wide field fluorescence microscopy images. Visual3D uses OpenGL textures to generate a 3D visualization of confocal and wide field fluorescence microscopy images.


Deconvolve  v.2.1 Build 10

Deconvolve is a Windows software for remote batch restorations of 3D/2D confocal and widefield fluorescence images using Huygens2 from SVI on a local or remote computer.

Neuron Analysis  v.Beta

Tool for analyzing neuron pictures. Image Analysis program designed specifically for the analysis of images of neurons acquired with a confocal microscope or a fluroscence microscope.

OpenLab  v.5.5

Openlab is a modular imaging program designed specifically for multi-user scientific imaging.

Phylum  v.4.1

Phylum is a software product designed for scientists who need to manage, organize and find digital images quickly and easily.

LSM Stack Browser & 3D Plotter  v.1.0

A software tool enabling the user to browse through an image stack created by a confocal microscope.

LSM Image Browser  v.4 2

Zeiss LSM Image Browser can be used for viewing, comparing, sorting and printing LSM Features: -image Browser, supports LSM file format -calculation of single 3D projections (transparency or maximum modes) -orthogonal Section View -3D Cut View

ImageSurfer  v.1 24

ImageSurfer is free 3D imaging software to visualize and analyze multi-channel volumes. Main Features: - Processing: 3D filters to improve signal-to-noise ratio.

Mountains  v.6 1

Unprecedented surface analysis power, instrument-oriented and universal solutions, greater interactivity, 24 bit graphics, national and ISO standards, and more.

Carl Zeiss Vision AxioVision Viewer  v.3.0

AxioVision allows to visualize and present your images in several dimensions. The functionality of this imaging toolbox expands constantly with a wide range of different modules that are tailored to specific applications or microscope accessories.

BleachingCorrection  v.20. 12. 2004

The bleach correction macro for ImageJ corrects for bleaching or intensity fluctuations by normalizing the images of a stack to the same mean intensity. This method only works well if the mean intensity is not altered substantially (e.g.

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